Top Global Development NGOs on Social Media

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This Top 10 list of development-focused NGOs on social media published on gives the NGO and NFP community an indication of the level of following that can be generated through Facebook and Twitter, and it provides a benchmark on which other organisations can base their follower goals – bearing in mind that benchmarks do not represent the upper limit of possibility, and that Facebook and Twitter followers do not represent an organisation’s complete database of supporters.

Setting goals to acheive an appropriate level of followers on social media channels is an important step in defining your social media strategy, however the more important metric is the level of engagement these followers have with your organisation. A small and highly active group of followers will mobilize your campaigns much more effectively than a large and apathetic follower base. 

The key to motivating your followers to become actively involved in supporting your cause is to ensure the content you supply through your social media channels is engaging and personal. People like people, and are more likely to become involved with your organisation if you give your posts and tweets personality.

One of the most effetive ways to demonstrate the personal nature of your cause is through video. Video is highly emotive and can effectively communicate the needs of your organisation whilst showing the personal impact the issue you are fighting is having on the lives of your beneficiaries and their communities. Video can also portray the passion your organisation’s staff and supporters have in addressing the issue and resolve it.

You may be thinking: “Our organisation is too small and we don’t have the staff or expertise to produce videos” 

Well, think about this: if you were to see a highly-produced National Geographic-esque piece with audio overlay of someone in a studio enunciating journalistic commentary and Acadamy Award-winning aerial footage, would you be thinking every dollar you gave to the cause was going to address the issue or would you be suspicious of the cost of production…I know what I’d be thinking.

The fact is gritty, hand-held, wobbly, realistic footage with impromtu commentary gives the viewer a much more emotive perspective and as long as you do a bit of editing to make the story flow, your video will be a hit and you will have won the hearts of your viewers and strengthened your relationship with them.

Now take it one step further and monetise that video content. With our video streaming platform you can earn revenue every time someone clicks to view. Pitch your campaign and website around the fact that “by viewing this video you are part of the journey and part of the solution.” 

Implement an effective social media campaign around your video content, distribute your posts, articles, email communications and SMS campaigns through CommsConsole and you will be able to see exactly the impact your video is having on engaging your audience and driving your fundraising efforts.

And, if you do need assistance to strategise, implement or analyse your social media campaigns or need some professional help to edit your raw footage, contact us and we can get you sorted. 

Kathie van

Top Global Development NGOs on Social MediaGreenpeace-Facebook

Stunning photos. Viral videos. Compelling and heartwarming stories. A play of these elements define many of the social media channels by non-governmental organizations working in international development.

And the wise use and timing of social media assets have paid off for many of these NGOs. They’ve built new relationships, deepened the involvement of supporters in their work, and even prompted changes in the practices of some global brands.

NGOs, particularly humanitarian and advocacy groups, are by far the most popular aid organizations on social media. Based on our research, the top 10 development-focused NGOs on Twitter and Facebook have followers in the hundreds of thousands at least on either platform.

The most popular development-focused NGO on Facebook is Greenpeace International. Its Brazil chapter, meanwhile, has made it to our top 10 list for Twitter. WWF, ONE, the American Red Cross and charity: water are on both lists.

Here’s our complete ranking for the top 10 development-focused NGOs on Facebook and Twitter.

Top 10 Development-focused NGOs on Social Media 

Top 10 Development-focused NGOs on Social Media

In the coming days, we will hear from social media experts from some of the organizations on our ranking. They will share their strategies, best practices and advice on how to use social media to affect change and boost international development.

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Source: Top Global Development NGOs on Social Media –

Author: Eliza Villarino

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