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Using video to communicate

It has long been recognized that video is a powerful medium for communicating. By using video, the story-teller can take the viewer on a journey combining narrative, images, visual cues and recorded footage to gain maximum impact and ensure the desired message is communicated.

Many organizations already use video to communicate with their target audience; some employ professional agencies to create video as part of their advertising mix, others allow television programs to produce and broadcast programs using the organization as subject matter, and some shoot their own content to post it to the internet. However, there are many organizations that feel they don’t have the resources or expertise to implement video as part of their communications strategies.

Traditionally, the challenge for any organization desiring to use video as part of their marketing mix has been the high cost and complexity of production and broadcasting. With the advent of social media as a platform to spread word of mouth, the barriers for organizations to deliver video content out to the masses has been lowered, but making revenue from video content is still challenging….well, it was, until now.

Anyone can earn revenue through video broadcasting

The irevenuestream.com Founder and Managing Director, Geoff Collinson, was instrumental in developing proprietary technology that manages the entire broadcasting process through a simple user interface.

With this technology, live broadcasting is inexpensive to set up, simple to use and, most importantly, easy to monetize with the ability to implement ‘pay-per-view’ or ‘donate-per-view’ and earn revenue from your broadcasts.

As one of Australia’s most respected brass musicians at the time, Geoff’s original intention for the technology was to enable webcasting concerts, masterclasses and tutorial sessions. However, it became apparent very quickly that the technology could be applied to all sorts of industries to enable video to be utilized to enhance the reach of education programs, local sports club matches, conferences, events, concerts and performances.

Once the domain of the mainstream news media, premier league sports and high stakes political debates, with this new technology live broadcasting is now accessible to anyone.

Using video to raise funds and gain donor loyalty

irevenustream.com is dedicated to bringing this technology within the reach of philanthropic, not for profit and community-based organizations to enable them to raise funds and enhance supporter loyalty by telling their stories through video and promoting this content using the community nature and word of mouth benefits of online communications and social media.

The irevenuestream.com suit of tools and services is designed to give our clients the best opportunity to produce and broadcast their video content, to raise the profile of their organizations in the online social media space to ensure maximum reach and viewership, and to raise money via pay-per-view monetization of their video content.

Our team of passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable people will assist you to ensure your online streaming events attract viewers from your desired target audience, whether it is a local network or millions of worldwide supporters. Our vision is to provide the opportunity for long-term and significant financial benefit to those organizations that are making a real difference in communities throughout the world.


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