4 Ways to Get Ready for the Tablet Revolution

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This is a great article by Geoff Livingston demonstrating the importance of considering the future of online consumption – Tablets are on the rise and every nonprofit needs to ensure their website is Tablet friendly to ensure people who want to see what you’re up to can.

Thank you for the information, Geoff!

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4 Ways to get ready for the tablet revolution
4 Ways to Get Ready for the Tablet Revolution

Low price tablets and e-readers are making a big impact online. Pew Internet reports that 29% of all Americans have either a tablet, an e-reader or both. So what does that mean for online fundraisers and changemakers?
Big jump in gadget ownership over the holidays
A recent Comscore study on mobile and tablet readers sheds some light. Tablets are turning American Internet users into content omnivores, with roughly 60% of respondents using tablets to read news and participate in social networks. 75% are using tablets to communicate via email. And here’s the ringer for fundraisers: almost half have completed a purchase using their tablet.
Share of Tablet Audience
As e-readers become more like tablets, and smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus get larger, you can expect to see more communications and transactions occur through portable media. That means fundraisers and change makers need to embrace and develop tablet-friendly media now. Here are four changes to consider:

1) Get Friendly
The first and most obvious step is to make your web site friendly for portable devices. But keep in mind smartphone friendly is not tablet friendly. Basically, if your page is cluttered and doesn’t offer a touch-friendly user experience, it’s going to be hard to persuade people to act or donate for change on a tablet. Given how fragmented media consumption is becoming, you need to seize open opportunities, not lose them.

2) Get Brief
A limited screen with smaller fonts means less tolerance for text heavy reading. Focus on photo and video friendly content, punch up your font size, and shorten the length of your content. If you have heavy content, make it downloadable in a PDF that can be accessed later.

3) Get Simple
Next, you will want to streamline your calls to action so that people can actually do them on a tablet. Not only does the site need to be less cluttered, but your call-to-action needs to be achieved in one click and form. That’s all you have. Consider the time-frame you may have. A commercial break during a favorite TV program. Ten minutes at a coffee shop. Optimize your check out process as much as possible.

4) Get Appleized
Apple iPads dominate the tablet marketplace. Fifty eight percent of tablets bought globally are iPads. Which means a majority of tablets are not Flash friendly. You need to get rid of Flash on your site, or put in a redirect to a tablet friendly site.

These are just some tips to consider. For more, check out Search Engine Watch’s excellent article with ten tips.

Source: 4 Ways to Get Ready for the Tablet Revolution – http://bit.ly/yP9LQH
Author: Geoff Livingston 

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Charity Draws Bigger Donations With Redesigned Web Site

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It seems a lot of nonprofits realise that their websites are not as effective as they could be but when they look into the cost of redesign or redevelopment of the site thye just can’t justify the expense. However, this article is a good example which shows what Compassion International has been missing out on by sticking with it’s outdated site.

It is important to understand the opportunity cost of having an ineffective site, and to weigh this up against the short-term cost and long term gain of committing to redevelopment. In this age of technology, organisations who don’t keep up will be left behind. They will be unable to sustain their supporter base as other organisations who are using technology to great effect take over market share.

Food for thought…

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Charity Draws Bigger Donations With Redesigned Web Site

Until this summer, Compassion International had a Web site in need of a makeover. The Christian aid charity hadn’t redesigned the site since 2003, and in the world of online communications, eight years is a long time.

As a result, the organization faced a series of limitations that are common among groups using outdated Web tools. Staff members had little control over the site’s content. And its system for collecting online donations was dated, which meant the organization was missing opportunities to raise money from viewers.

“We always had a lot of ideas, but our content-management system at the time really limited us in what we could do,” said Dustin Hardage, the charity’s Web and interactive director.

But thanks to an update in June, the number of visits to the site has grown by 25 percent, traffic from search engines has risen 28 percent, and page views have increased 9 percent. The number of people who visit every section of the site has increased as much as 350 percent on some pages, Mr. Hardage said.

And the new site is also helping the organization raise more money online.

While the number of total donations has decreased slightly since the charity went public with its new site, the average donation made by each visitor has increased by 55 percent. The group attributes this jump in part to a new “shopping cart” donation system that allows people to donate to the charity and pay for a “child sponsorship” in one transaction.

Here are some of the features Mr. Hardage looked for in a new system, and what that meant for the charity. The new system:

Gives employees more control. The redesign allows the charity’s Internet marketing staff to handle tasks that it previously needed the group’s technology department to handle. With the new site, the marketing team can change layouts and add code for measurement and testing.

Adds testing capabilities. The staff can now test two versions of the same page to see which performs better. Within two weeks, the organization recognized patterns that allowed it to make better decisions about how to display information.

“We already changed the landing page for one of our products because we saw an increase in our conversion rates, and that has just continued,” Mr. Hardage said.

Attracts search engines. The new site has allowed the organization to win more attention from Google and other search engines, Mr. Hardage said. “We were really able to personalize that to an extreme.”

The new content-management system—which runs on a platform called Tridion by the company SDL—also includes a tool that tracks what similar sites are doing to attract search engines and visitors to make sure Compassion is competitive online.

Source: Charity Draws Bigger Donations With Redesigned Web Site – http://bit.ly/uuGgao
Author:  Cody Switzer

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